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About me

  • About me

    hii my name is katie and i LoVe twilight, black veil brides and alex evans x] i loveeeeeeee converse and skinny jeans x]
  • Music

    i love black veil brides,my chemical romance,evanesence,brokencyde,escape the fate,jesse mccartney,and 3oh!3 there r tons of others but i cant think of them all right now x]


    i love twilight (team jacob!!) i also like the vampire diaries and other shows x]
  • Lifestyle

    uhh....? laidback? nahh... x] idk


    running? jogging? typing? x]
  • Arts

    i love to draw and luv taking pictures x]


    b-day - february 26.favorite colours- baby blue,black and lavender. ummm.........??? ? oh, and if u hav a problem with the whole scene or "emo" thing, i dont care. okay? okay :]].and i hayt ppl who only like other ppl for their lukz.:]

ditte alex

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